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Promote your scripts, models, prefabs & other assets.

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    This has now been released on the Asset Store

    It's something I've been working on for a little while now (WIP thread is here), and came about because of the time I realised I was spending trying to position prefabs to create fences around my terrains and I thought that there must be a quicker, easier way of doing this and also allow me to create...

    [Released] Simple Fence Builder

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    Hi all,

    Marvelous Techniques is a asset package which includes tools to make powerful games with very popular flat atmospheric graphics style used in many top selling games recently.
    The package suits for all people with every skill level.

    With the package prototyping of different styles is fast thanks to easy to use shaders and tools.
    This asset package is unique and you can't find anything similar from the Asset Store. When purchased you don't only get the...

    [RELEASED] Marvelous Techniques

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    View attachment 57945

    Voxeland is a next generation of a cubic-style terrain, but a bit more than that: it is a subdivided and adroitly smoothed cubical structure.

    The tool comes with all the assets can be seen in demo: land and grass textures, tree objects, shaders, scripts and skybox. These assets will be a good help in a game creation or prototyping.

    Voxeland terrain could be modified and updated both in editor and in-game in realtime. A terrain...

    Voxeland - Voxel Terrain Tool

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    Mega Game Music Pack ( is the huge library of high quality music for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything! All at an incredibly low price.

    Selected Future Releases Will Be Included In This Collection As Free Updates.


    [RELEASED] Mega Game Music Collection

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    uConstruct is a runtime building system, It is fully generic and socket based, it can create any kind of buildings with just simple few steps and with no limitations.
    uConstruct is a very powerful and generic building system available for unity. It doesnt have to only be used a building system but it can also be used in a level editor for example.

    Why uConstruct ?

    FULL Source Code : The system comes with FULL source code.

    Clean And Full API : The system...

    [Released] uConstruct - Fully generic, socket based runtime building system

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    Hi guys!

    Panda Behaviour is script-based Behaviour Tree engine. It allows you to easily write complex and scalable logics for your games.

    Here is the main features:

    • Lightweight and performant Behaviour Tree engine.
    • Minimalist Built-in scripting language.
    • Easily extensible by defining custom tasks in C#.
    • Realtime visualisation and debugging.
    • Version control friendly (produces no binary assets).
    A typical work flow is as follow:
    1. Define simple tasks...

    [AI SCRIPTING] Panda BT: Behaviour Tree scripting

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    This AI system will give your 2D characters fluid movement without writing a single line of code.

    Web Demo: Movement AI/index.html

    This system is specifically designed for spaceships but can just easily simulate other 2D characters. With this you can command characters to:
    Move and curl to position
    Swoop to position
    Waypoint move
    Orbit target
    Stop at...

    Simple Spaceship Movement AI (2D)

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    Introducing Puppet2D - a new skeletal animation tool that makes animating 2D characters easy and fun!

    View attachment 80596

    This is a tool that makes it really easy to animate your 2D characters in Unity - in a similar way to how Rayman does it!


    • A fast bone creation tool
    • Create easy to use controls
    • IK (Inverse Kinematic) keeps feet on ground, and great for animating
    • Convert...

    Puppet2D - An advanced skeletal animation tool

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    MaterialUI (Google Material Design for Unity)
    Create beautiful Material Design layouts in your apps and games!


    Hey guys! We're now available on the Asset Store!

    MaterialUI - A Unity UI kit that follows Google's material design guidelines

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    The Realistic FPS Prefab is an easy way to implement the core features of first person games into your Unity3D projects with a few mouse clicks. Set up is quick and just requires dragging and dropping the FPS object into your scene and assigning a layer to collision geometry. The asset has been designed with a focus on keeping scripts simple and ensuring that motion and effects are smooth and glitch free. The Realistic FPS Prefab is a great learning tool and...

    Realistic FPS Prefab [RELEASED]

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    Hello guys! we are happy to announce our new Unity extension, currently waiting for approval.

    Asset is now available at the Asset Store!:!/content/43652

    Automatic LOD is a powerful Unity extension that allows you to quickly generate and manage multiple levels of detail for your 3D models.
    LOD levels are simplified meshes that are generated procedurally by the extension and help optimize your game especially on lower end...

    Automatic LOD - Create and manage LOD levels automatically

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    Hi All !

    We just released Elegant IoC. It's not just another Dependency Injection Asset, It's Lightweight, non-obtrusive and works like a charm.

    Bringing you all the features you love from Industry Leading products such as AutoFac, but none of the headaches.

    We wrote this with one thing in mind : We want a Dependency Injection system which does not cause GC trouble, Gives us the freedom to register dependencies as we wish, all while retaining a light footprint.

    In Short? A Powerful...

    [RELEASED] Elegant IoC (Dependency Injection) - Tested in iOS, Android and more.

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  • 03/25/16--08:12: Ikari Vertex Painter
  • View attachment 149454

    View attachment 149452 View attachment 149458
    Util Links:
    For report bugs or post ideas:

    Upcoming features:
    -Subdivision of the mesh for paint better and reverse feature.
    -More shaders.
    -Color wheel for more fast workflow.
    -Clamp Axis (X,Y,Z).
    -Random colors for paint.


    Ikari Vertex Painter

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    Introducing Cross Platform Native Plugins a true cross platform tool for Unity which provides unique and unified way to access native functionality.

    Important links:...

    Native Plugins for Unity: iOS, Android, Amazon (coming soon)

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  • 03/25/16--08:22: [RELEASED] PUN Rally
  • Asset Store link:!/content/51082
    Link for YouTube Videos (part1, part2, part3, part4, part5)
    Bonus video: adding Edy's Vehicle Physics 5 to PUN Rally
    Demo versions:

    Android (new...

    [RELEASED] PUN Rally

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    Advanced Builder
    Easily manage multiple versions of your game on a lot of platforms.

    Advanced Builder provides an easy way to manage multiple versions of your game on a lot of platforms.
    For example, with one click, Advanced Builder will build a Demo and Paid version of your game on 4 different platforms (that's 8 builds in one click)....

    Advanced Builder - Manage multiple versions of your game

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  • 03/25/16--08:27: VLC Player for Unity
  • Hi Guys!

    Since using Unity, I was never satisfied with movie textures for intro videos and cutscenes in our projects. ogv doesn't seem like the best format for the job, and with 1080p videos and higher bitrate we always had stuttering - even on highend systems. Other times the audio wouldn't match up exactly.

    I've tried the plugins that are available, but wasn't satisfied either, often only one format is supported and higher resolutions and bitrates result in jaggy videos even on good PCs...

    VLC Player for Unity

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    The Racing Game Starter Kit is an easy to use asset for creating racing games.

    It includes a smart AI system to race against, car & motorbike physics and a complete racing system with 5 race types - Circuit,
    Lap Knockout, Time Trial, Speed Trap & Checkpoint.

    Racing Game Starter Kit - Easily create racing games!

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